José Pablo Escamilla

Estreno mundial Largometraje 80 min. Comedia, Coming of age
  • Country
  • Year
  • Duration
    80 min.
  • Genre
    Coming-of-age, Drama, Experimental


  • Diego Solis
  • Teresita Sánchez
  • Francisco Barreiro
  • Imix Lamak
  • Nahid Lugo
  • Amaresh V Narro


  • Production Company
    Colectivo Colmena
  • Director
    José Pablo Escamilla
  • Screenwriter
    José Pablo Escamilla, Nicolasa Ruiz
  • Producer
    Diandra Arriaga
  • Executive Producers
    La Biennale di Venezia
  • Associate Producers
    Daniel U. Loustaunau, Mauricio Miguel Calderón
  • Casting
    Luis Bárcena
  • Cinematography
    Miguel Escudero
  • Production Design
    Constanza Martínez, Daniela Guardado, Isaac Márquez
  • Embroidery
    Ofelia & Antelmo, Gabriela Martínez
  • Make Up & Hair
    Daniela Landa
  • Microcine
    Cirrina Lab, Inés Gutiérrez
  • Editor
    Julieta Seco
  • Sound
    Laura Carrillo, Gerardo Martínez
  • Music
    Lucerna Records, Isaac Soto
  • Post-production & VFX
    Francisco Borrajo
  • Distribution and Sales


Lucas is a mexican teenager who has just arrived with his mother and sister to start over in a gray industrial city in the Toluca Valley.

He works at a burger joint where his manipulative manager is constantly trying to get the most out of him. He spends his afternoons with his colleague and friend Oscar, a nervous otaku who resists work, family and cosmic pressures.

Until he decides to go on a journey and entrusts his most valuable possessions with Lucas, who through the discovery of photography will find a way to capture the light that he observes around him and bring it back home.

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